The transition has started.

Perhaps you’re separated. This happens in phases and you’re asking yourself questions like “Is this the end of a normal family life?”

Remember: your children have the same questions.

You are creating the new normal for them. Try not to change too much of their routine the first year. It will be hard enough for them to go back and forth between two households (and hopefully they are doing this! Children need both their mother and father).

Try to ease the burden by packing fun things to do at mom or dad’s house. Heck, go to the dollar store and buy toys and games then you have something fun to talk about then they come back to you: “Did you have fun coloring at dad’s house?” or “What’s mom able to help you with that crossword puzzle?”

This helps to alleviate some anxiety that a parent may be angry about the time they spend with the other. Children need both parents in their lives.

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