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Before I was divorced, before I became a mother biologically, I was a stepmom. This was not an easy role to tackle. As a stepparent, I felt stuck somewhere between the roles of authority figure and friend. Not to mention, shared parenting meant that I only saw my stepdaughter once a week and every other weekend. Every time I felt like I had made progress and established a rapport, she was leaving again, only to start the whole process over on her next visit. Progress was made, though, and we formed a very close relationship. In fact, my stepdaughter still waves and blows kisses to me from her dad’s car when they come to pick up her siblings, and when she attends her brother’s t-ball games, she rarely leaves my side, telling me all about school, gymnastics and her family. I have no regrets regarding the time and energy I invested in our relationship; that little girl taught me so much about love and about myself.