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Every year since 1991, the Gallup Organization has polled Americans on which profession they consider the most honest and ethical. When nurses are on the list they always come out on top, except in 2001 when firefighters, understandably, took the distinction.

Lawyers always run near the bottom, ahead of lobbyists, car salespeople, and members of Congress but behind reporters, bankers, and auto mechanics.

Love them or hate them, if you plan to make money, and keep it in the family after you die (or if you want to make sure your favorite charities get some cash), you need to develop a relationship with an attorney. It will save you a lot of grief in the long run.

Lawyers can help you with business disputes and tax questions. They can make sure your business and real estate purchases are set up correctly. Lawyers can help you plan what happens to you or your family if you should suddenly die or become disabled. And they can make sure those plans are carried out. Lawyers can help if you are in an accident. They can help if you are being sued or jerked around by creditors. Lawyers can help if someone owes you money and won’t pay.