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Like many children of divorce, I’ll never forget the day my parents told me they were splitting up.

I was 12, and I’d come rushing home from school with a picture I had done in art class – a Picasso copied from a book, in oil pastels. I was ridiculously proud of it, and couldn’t wait to show my parents. But I never did show them the picture, because when I got home they were sitting at the kitchen table, waiting to tell me that their marriage was over.

There was hardly anything about the divorce that was not traumatic, which is why I agreed with Pope Francis when he said in address this week that those who suffer most in a separation are children.

Everything about that time in my life was horrible – from seeing my dad cry for the first time, to my autistic brother’s confused and repeated refrain of “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy”, and how he went to bed in his shoes and his coat in order to be ready if Dad came back to collect him.