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As we near the end of the divorce process, my ex and I have celebrated every single holiday or anniversary apart at this point besides our daughter’s birthday … until this past week.

On the big official day when she turned 4, Dad was there to greet her in the morning and I was not. I felt like the worst mom ever. How do you sufficiently explain to a child that you can’t see him or her because it’s the other parent’s day when your child is so little? At that point since it was her father’s weekend and we had had a snowstorm which kept her at her dad’s for an extra day since I was stuck in traffic home from work, I hadn’t seen her in over four days. That never happens! I was literally jonesing to see my child. I just needed to see her face because Skype just isn’t enough some days. It doesn’t matter how connected we are with technology, when you’re co-parenting nothing feels close enough sometimes unless you’re with your children in the flesh. An eight minute video call can feel like torture. A tease reminding you that yes, you have a child but you are separated from this child and that that child is living a whole other life without you.