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In the middle of a divorce, you never really know what’s coming.

That was never more clear than the day my ex-husband and I attended mediation — a court-mandated affair that neither of us was looking forward to. I’d spent most of my day actively trying not to think about it so as not to get washed away in a sea of anxiety.

I was coming with news that I knew he wasn’t going to like; I was gearing to throw a curveball that may knock the wind out of him. Not intentionally — never intentionally — but divorce is a messy business. Words and phrases that we normally wouldn’t give a second thought take a whole new meaning. Barbs and sharp edges appear where they were never intended. Everything is scrutinized and picked apart and assumptions are made that are occasionally incorrect. Wittingly or not, the conclusion is drawn that the other party is out to get you. Sometimes that conclusion is spot-on. Sometimes it’s not.