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Nobody tells you that when it’s over, it’s not done.

The table is big and oak and could likely tell quite the tales of what it’s seen. The pens are new, and the papers are crisp and official. The judge is old and he talks and talks and talks. He goes on and on. Only after do you realize that while you can’t even speak or look up for fear of the tears, the judge does this every week. It’s not the end of his chapter that he is signing, witnessing and notarizing; it’s yours. It’s not his partner, his family, his hopes or his dreams that he is declaring legally null and void, it’s yours. So you decide not to hate him and instead to focus on breathing while he passes the papers around the room. You reply with the requested “yes” or “no” at the questions you are required to answer. You breathe evenly to keep your voice from cracking. And then, while you are focused on the inhale and exhale, on how the knot in the table looks like the knot in your stomach, everyone rises and shakes hands. And that’s…it.