Orlando Child Support Lawyer

How It Affects Children

Any adult, who has been the product of divorce themselves, can speak to both the short and long term effects divorce has on children. You may have divorced your spouse or partner, but you cannot and should not divorce your children. Their ability to turn into healthy adults, involved in healthy relationships depends on it.

Many times children feel responsible for the separation of their parents. It is so important that children have good communication with both their parents, and that they assured constantly by both parents, that the divorce is not their fault. How often should you reiterate this? Until and when a child can finally hear it! This could be well into adulthood, but the results will definitely be worth it if they finally hear it.

Positive co-parenting, which starts with a good parenting plan, is the only thing that will counteract sad, lost, empty feelings, children experience when a divorce tears their family apart. These feeling may not become evident right away, but may surface over time.

If you and your spouse or partner cannot devise a good co-parenting plan in the divorce process, or are unable or unwilling to co-parent positively, please seek the help of a trained professional.