11. Do not give to your child, whether it be clothing or a gift, and expect that the item be kept at your house all the time. This adds to the child’s discomfort with visiting the other parent.

12.For that matter, do not send your children to the other parent in worn out clothing. Help your children to feel good about visiting the other parent.

13. Do not have a discussion with your children that you are unable to provide because the other parent is not doing their part.

14. Do not refuse extra time with the child that is offered to you by the custodial parent unless absolutely necessary. Your child will be aware of this.

15. Do not ask your child to report about anything that goes on in the other parent’s household.

16. If you are not the custodial parent, do not treat your child like a guest in your home.

17. Do not try to entertain your child every moment. Your child needs to live out what everyday life is in each household.

18. Do not check the child’s phone list or emails to determine how many times the other parent is contacted. Let that be their business.

19. Do not criticize anything about the other parent-home, career, income. Remember your child belongs to both parents and anything said against the other parent makes the child feel like a second class citizen.

20. Do everything you can to make transitions for your child as smooth as possible understanding that any bad feelings may carry over to adulthood and may severely impact your child’s future relationships.