Kissimmee Divorce Attorney

To Divorce or Not to Divorce

We see firsthand what divorce does to families. It can ruin family history; affect relationships with extended family members on both sides of the family; can separate children form one or both parents; and cause financial chaos.

Obviously, you loved one another or you wouldn’t have gotten married or gotten together in the first place. If there is any way that you can get in touch with the love that you both shared in the beginning days of your relationship, we encourage you to do so. Whether that be through marriage counseling, self help books, or a retreat for a union that is in trouble, we support you in all your attempts to keep the marriage together.

Some questions to ask yourself before seeking a divorce are: Are you ready to have your child/children be part time in your life? Are you ready to split holiday time with your children and the other parent? Are you prepared to work harder, longer hours, or even get a second job if your finances take a nose dive? Are you prepared to give up family history with relatives on the other side of the family, who may eventually take sides?

There are times when divorce may be the only answer. In the case of abuse for example, we do not encourage you to work things out on your own, but there is much to think about before you take permanent steps to end your relationship.