1. Never argue in front of the children.
  2. Do not have the child convey information between the 2 of you.
  3. Never speak negatively about the other parent in front of the child.(This includes making faces when their name comes up or rolling your eyes)
  4. Do not use your child as a confidante regarding divorce or money issues. These are adult issues and do not involve the child nor should the child be in the middle.
  5. It is not your business what the other parent is doing; so do not ask your child.
  6. Do not bring your children to the courthouse for hearings, etc., unless the court demands it.
  7. Do not discuss what goes on in court with your children.
  8. Do not make your children feel uncomfortable when leaving to visit the other parent.
  9. Do not interfere with your child’s time with the other parent by calling them there.
  10. Do not interfere with the children’s’ desire to contact the other parent freely.